Sen Furniture Ltd is designed around a supply system servicing the high street retail, e-commerce and contract client, with a focus on consumer taste, brand quality, order fulfilment and after sales service. With a centrally controlled sales function offering quick and easy communication of product development and special offers, the team here at the Sen Head Office will work personally with you, each account being assigned to a customer support person, thus ensuring that your sales and service enquiries are attended to swiftly and fully.

Our Pledge

VALUE.  We will always attempt to bring to market product that is competitively priced and that offers good retail margin opportunities, when taking into account design and construction.

DESIGN. Our initial launch products are fast moving commercial ranges. Our aim is to carry a number of different designs and prices to suit most UK homes.

DELIVERY.  We aim to deliver your orders in 7 -14 days from written confirmation of order. If we find that for some for some reason we cannot achieve this target then you will be contacted and kept fully informed.

SERVICE.  Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm. Your personal support contact is available to assist you with all of your orders and enquiries.  A full complement of sales support materials are available on request.